Net Wars

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Imagine what if there’s a superhero squad so awesome they made everyone shit their pants?
That’s what my dream is, and if I did, I’m going to name my squad the JLC.

Justice League of Crazy.

Below are the Heroes:
– Dinoman: A scientist who got mutated into a hideous, dinosaur-looking freak. He is the leader of the squad, and suffers from fits of slapstick.
– Actar: An otaku with a funny accent. Superpowers: his funny accent
-Lily: The Dinoman’s GF
-Nyanners: A cute girl with cat ears who serves as a technician.

And let’s not forget to include a supervillain!
-The Tyrannosaurus: The Dinoman’s arch-enemy and leader of the Brotherhood of Man-Eaters.

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