Fortune Telling: A Reader Response to This Boy’s Life

“This Boy’s Life” is about the Author, Tobias Wolff who must endure the hardships of his life. It is a very interesting book because it not only makes us get sucked into the world of Wolff, but also it describes life in the 1950’s. When I read the first part of the book, what comes to my mind is that the main character Toby, which was Tobias Wolff himself, is somewhat a very active person which overcomes obstacles easily. However, he was also mischievous. I think my favorite part and the funniest is when he was playing during archery class and he was about to shoot Sister James. This part had me cracking real hard. Another favorite part is that the author mentions the name of his pen pal in his book. Her name was Alice and it sounds cute. This somehow reminded me of my pen pal whose name goes by Lily. She is an amateur voice actress who posts videos of her sweet voice to YouTube. In other words, Wolff reminds me of someone special through his book. When I read this book, I feel spellbound by the magic contained inside. It is more like a “fairy tale” than a biography, although the book really tells the story about the author’s life. It was “Unforgettable,” like what Time Magazine commented on this novel. As a final word, I will recommend other readers to read it because it contains golden moments from the life of Tobias Wolff. It will be a shame if they don’t read this.


One response to “Fortune Telling: A Reader Response to This Boy’s Life

  1. Nice reading response. Too bad it’s too short. Even though Alice isn’t clearly described in the book, you made a good effort on describing her as a person who seems to be “cute” :3

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